Together we can make a better World” 



COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION FORUMis a Community Based / Nonprofit making organization formed in Feb.2009 and duly registered WCBO/413/10



The organization currently operates in WAKISO District (the largest District in Uganda).


This idea was initiated by one person with long experience in working with the grass root people who through tireless efforts had enduringly introduced the idea to as many people as he could.

However, several people expressed interest to take part in this organization, most of them ended up pulling out for lack of resources to be injected into this promising initiative.

The main target for CTF is to inform the public how dangerous Global Warming is to our beautiful Earth.

However, Community Transformation Forum teamed up with 102.5 UNESCO Nabweru FM (Tiger FM) a community based radio station to sensitize the public about global warming and climate change.

Tiger FM as locally called covers a radius of 52sq. km. It has a registered total number of over 3800 fun club members. Each area where this radio covers has local funs club branches which elect their leaders but are under the main funs club body. Through the funs clubs we shall mobilize other local citizens, leaders and the clergy to disseminate information about this noble campaign against global warming and climate change code named LET’S GO GREEN Plant a Tree.

We started holding environment protection talk shows in Tiger FM since April 2009 every Wednesday weekly.




To ensure sustainable development research, Education, Action and Outreach, and to maximize agricultural production.



Vision: To have a friendly Green Environment, with predictable climate seasons .